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Every Door Direct Mail


A great way to get your message in your local neighbors’ mailbox! 


EDDM Every Door Direct Mail a great way to get your message in your local neighbors’ mailbox!


• Determining a Route
An enormous advantage of Retail Direct Mail is in reaching nearby neighborhoods. We offer access to a route selection tool when clients place an order, preventing the need to search or to target manually. We enjoy a partnership with USPS for deliveries along carrier routes that saturate specific selected neighborhoods. By focusing on households that fit a set of variables, clients can expect to achieve a higher response rate.


• Meeting Regulatory Requirements
We have the expertise to provide the best marketing for retail by meeting USPS bundling and mailing guidelines for EDDM for all sizes of materials and bulk orders. A Retail Direct Mail account works well for small shops and restaurants, and it offers professional service providers a high level of efficiency. Organizations with national brand recognition may need another type of account.


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