Why Harwill?

Environmental Policy


At Harwill Express Press we have spent a lot of time over the last 15 years reviewing our environmental policy. We have been asking our clients what they want and need from us on their environmental plans and from this we have made adjustments to our policy. On top of that we have invited the local fire department, our insurance company and the town health inspector in to help us with issues they might see that need to be adjusted. From all of this we have built a home grown green company.

We have developed a web ordering and delivery system to send art work and proofs back and forth to the clients, effecting a saving on energy needs.

We use Vegetable Oil inks.

We rebuild skids to reuse them verses throwing them out and buying new ones.

We make sure phone chargers are not plugged in when a phone is not hooked on.

We have reviewed our VOC's in the building with town health inspectors to make sure we are in a good place for the health of our staff. 

We try to drive our clients to use sheets we have in inventory so we do not have to order more paper then is needed. This lessens the carton orders.

We have asked our insurance company and fire inspector to review our plant and make suggestions on how we can manage our water streams better and what issues we need to review on environmental needs.

We work with clients in understanding their needs and help them achieve their company’s green issues through print. This could be as simple as helping them understand that paper is a green product and that we re-grow trees, grass and recycle the paper water to make paper.

We work with our suppliers to find papers and inks that are made locally so that we do not need to have those transported long distances and also allows us to support local small businesses.

We have moved several of our clients to email and web marketing of their products and services in order to match their client’s wants for information to be sent green.

We use fans to move air around the plant, control where the temperature needs to be adjusted. We use humidity to control air temperature as well. 

We turn the heat and the air conditioning up or down when no one is in the building, so we do not heat or cool the space when not in use. 

We use ceramic coffee cups for drinking to control the use of plastic cups.

These are some of the things we have done over the past 15 years to control our impact on the earth. 
                                                                                                                             - Steven Portrude